NW Consulting

NW Consulting provides integrated services for You, your Business, or your NonProfit projects

Computer Consulting

Take the guesswork out of purchasing, installing, and using computers

Accounting Services

Select an accounting system for your home or business.  Maintain it yourself or let us maintain it.  For more information on software & cloud packages, click here

Business Planning

Business Plan & Operational Procedures preparation


Business, Personal or your Favorite Charity

Business Card/Brochure/Banners

Develop logo, marketing brochures, banners for your events.

Event Management

Budgeting, registration, accounting, preparation of packet materials, online or by post


Let me help you prepare an effective powerpoint presentation and help you distribute it over several medias.  Take it one step further and create a company DVD or digital business card.  Take a look at an abbreviated version of a nonprofit project below.


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